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Stage Make-up


Organic Henna Paste

(One Week Later)

Balloon Twisting & Decor

Our fabulous balloon sculptures and custom balloon decor will add loads of fabulous fabulousness. From animals, hats, and swords to helium bouquets, table top sculptures,  and life size recreations of your favorite characters, we can decorate and entertain your event with a fabulous touch!​

 Face Painting Classes/Lessons
A balance of demos, lecture, and a great deal of hands on practice. Each student recieves  a starter kit including a workbook with specific drills and exercises.
Private or group lessons available. 

Henna  (Mehndi) Tattoos

Henna (Mehndi) is a traditional art form for self expression. Though temporary, Henna creates lasting memories. Fabulous Faces uses only organic henna paste. The dark brown stain typically lasts two weeks. Parties, special events, and private sessions.

​We also have the new hot "White Henna"

Organic Henna Paste

(Just Applied)

​​Planning a large event?

After 10 years of fabulous entertainment in the Greater Cincinnati area

we know the FABULOUS of who, what, when, and where!

​Face Painting for Businesses
Use professional body and face painting to add fun and excitement while advertising.
Hire a face painter for your store event, grand opening, or holiday celebration. Christmas face painter, day of the dead, or any other in-store event promotion.
Fabulous entertainment for Holiday Parties- Corporate Events -Unique Advertising- "LIVE" Marketing -Grand Openings- Conventions- Trade Shows- Sporting Events

Face Painting  FAQ'S


Any substance can cause an allergic reaction, but face paints are made to be as hypoallergenic as possible. I have never had a child or adult have a reaction to my paints, which are professional grade and FDA compliant, but if you have a concern you should ask a face painter to give you a test patch on your arm to see what happens before you have yourself painted. Also, if you’ve had any allergic reactions in the past, you should refrain from being painted. A more likely to cause of allergic reaction is from what people use to remove face paint.
If you’re concerned about a possible reaction, let me know before your party and we can check ingredients and choose which brand would be best to use for your child.
For insurance purposes, the neon colors I use are all FDA compliant.


If you dont have the makeup remover packet (Baby Oil is the Best) that Fabulous Faces supplies, then 
Follow these steps to remove paint before bedtime:

1. Lather design with a mild soap, such as baby shampoo.
2. Wipe away with a warm, wet wash cloth. (Use an old one, because face paints may stain cloth.)
3. If necessary, lather and wipe again. Remember that some colors may stain skin slightly temporarily. Blues and greens are the worst stainers as a general rule.
Read the label if you must use baby wipes to remove face paint. Some children have reactions to certain brands of wet wipes.


No. With the amazing array of gorgeous FDA compliant face paints available for face painters, it is a poor business practice for a face painter to use acrylic paints on a child’s skin. In some cases, the artist may not be aware that acrylic paint should not be applied to the skin. It’s also possible the artist is trying to cut corners, since acrylic paints are cheap compared to professional quality face paints. However, as it is unlikely that any liability insurance will cover a face painter who uses acrylic paint, you are taking a risk in allowing acrylics to be applied to your child.

Acrylic paint, although usually non-toxic, contains ingredients and chemicals not designed for use on skin. The manufacturers of acrylics state that acrylics should never be used on skin for temporary tattoos. For more information on acrylic paints and why they are inappropriate for face painting, stop by these links: University of York, Substances & Technologies, and Art Materials Safety.

Also keep in mind that the only glitter used for face painting should be cosmetic glitter. Craft glitter is dangerous when used on the face, because it can cut the eye.

Temporary Tattoos

Freehanded Water-Proof Tattoos for any occasion. 

Choose between: White Henna, Glitter Tattoos or Mica Powder Tattoos. 

We specialize in creating unique expressions of Walking-Art. 

Clowns - Characters - Superheros

Meet "Promise" the Clown- She specializes in balloon art and facepainting.

We also work closely with "A Characteristic Attitude", Which provides fabulous characters in any genre with the fabulous-ness that we expect.

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If you don't see the service your looking for just give Jen a call, text, or email



Body Painting

Powerful advertising tool or stunning costume, body painting expands beyond the face to incorporate a complete canvas. Our body painting services create daring looks for eye-catching advertisements, photo-shoots, unique costume design, and are guaranteed to get attention.​

Hire Professional Artists for the following services:
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In The following Areas

Professional Artists for any event in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, Lexington, and Louisville. Southwestern Ohio, United States, Dayton OH, Xenia OH, Fairfeld OH, Mason OH, Milford OH, Englewood OH, Sidney OH, Harrison OH, Goshen OH, Cincinnati OH, Springboro OH, Hamilton OH, Indian Hills OH, Batavia OH, Hamilton OH, Springfield OH, Madeira OH, Amelia OH, Middletown OH, Loveland OH, Mason OH, Owensville OH, Madiera OH,  Lawrenceburg IN, Covington Ky, Florence KY, Ft. Thomas KY, Newport KY, Taylor Mill KY, Independence KY, Cold Springs KY, Boone County, Kenton County, Hamilton County, Clermont County, Fayette County,

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Murals & Window Painting

For children's rooms we design and create whimsical wonderlands.
Yet we can paint whatever you like, for whatever season.

​Henna FAQ'S

Henna (or Mehndi) is an ancient art form, traditionally practiced during a variety of celebrations in the India, SE Asia, North Africa and Middle-Eastern regions. Henna is produced from a small shrub called, “Lawsonia Inermis.” The leaves and twigs are gathered and ground into a fine powder, which is then mixed with various ingredients to form a paste. The henna mixture is then applied to the body in the form of beautiful patterns via small plastic tubes or toothpicks. Henna leaves a stain on the skin, the final pigmentation with ranges anywhere from a reddish-orange to a reddish-brown color. Today, this art-form has evolved to a more contemporary style and is applied throughout the body for many occasions globally.
Henna and Mehndi have no distinction. They are terms that are interchangeably used to describe the same product. Generally, it’s a cultural distinction whereas western cultures refer to it as Henna and Asian cultures refer to it as Mehndi.
The color of Henna fades gracefully over 5-7 days, varying with proper care and body heat of each individual. Jagua lasts slightly longer at 7–10 days. They’re very heat sensitive, so the warmer the skin, the longer-lasting the dye. Each person's skin is different due to hormonal balances, pH and stress levels and diet, causing different results from place to place and day to day.
Henna is used traditionally for decorations on the hands and feet, but it can be applied anywhere on the skin or hair. The stain is darkest and lasts longest on the palms of the hands and the feet. If applied on the hair it dyes it to a reddish-brown color. On black hair, it gives a shimmer and highlight.
The pure form of Henna is not harmful at all. In fact, it has healthy benefits. It cools and protects skin from sunburn and strengthens hair and adds a polished shine. However, most of the products found in stores are typically mixed with harmful additives that could be too strong and dangerous to young children or pregnant women especially. This is why we at nazaHenna use pure, organic ingredients to ensure the utmost safety and quality. Jagua, while typically harmless, can create some discomfort to someone with a fruit allergy.
White henna doesn't leave a dye on the skin, it's adhesive based, meaning it's like a temporary tattoo and uses skin safe waterproof “glue.” Depending on where on the body it is applied and how well maintained it can last 1-3 days. It is removed with some oil, soap and water. White henna is great for special events and occasions.
We DO NOT use black henna! Black Henna isn't Henna! There are several things marketed as "Black Henna", and some things believed to be "Black Henna". Some are very dangerous and use PPD, which can cause permanent damage to your skin, from blistering, and possibly lead to cancer. Please read and learn more about this at: www.thehennapage.com

Organic Henna Paste



 Theatrical Make-Up
Stage makeup for a rendition of "Cats" or a "Seussical" can be overwhelming to the inexperienced. We provide fast, professional stage makeup and visual FX makeup for your production whether it's on-stage or on-camera.work closely with A Characteristic Attitude, Which provides fabulous characters in any genre.

Fabulous Face Painters 

Fabulously Fast, Fun, Face Painting by our talented, insured, FABULOUS artists that only use professional, cosmetic grade products with FDA approved ingredients.

We just celebrated 10 years and thousands of Fabulous Faces.

 UV/Neon/Black Light Reactive Face and Body Paints and Water Proof Paints are also available.
​UV/Neon paints are bright and vibrant in normal light and glow under fluorescent and UV lighting. UV/ Neon paints should not be confused with Glow in the Dark make up. We do carry glow in the dark paints yet they are very translucent and are not recommended for our childrens faces.

Feather Extensions - Hair Tinsel - Wraps

Our fabulous salon quality rooster feather extensions can be micro-beaded into your hair and last for months. We also provide hair wraps, hair painting, or tinsel. ​

​​​Custom Halloween Costumes
​Stand out like never before with a Fabulous and unique costume. 

Fabulous Faces provides unique Halloween costumes guaranteed to get attention. Perfect for Fall Festivals, Halloween parties and  events...